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Business is not an easy job. It requires a series of procedures, planing, operations and people. We combine all to simplify for you.

About Us

​Decorence Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. is the place you were searching for end-to-end transformation services. We provide almost all solutions related to your business need. Our services include a variety of categories from data entry to top I.T. level support. We have a team of dedicated employees mastered in various activities related to your simple needs.

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What We Do

At Decorence, we typically provide back office services, which includes internal business functions such as data services, finance and accounts, e-commerce, softwares and automations along with front office outsourcing, which includes customer-related services like contact center support like voice, chat, email support.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to remain a world-class entrepreneurial, diversified, and socially responsible growth company that provides high-quality value-added services for our clients.

Our Team

Our people are the most important aspect of our business. Every employee plays a role in our success. As a result, we promote a positive, encouraging and lively work environment which translates into a better experience for not only our employees, but also our clients and their customers. Contact Service focuses on hiring the best people and provides training to support continuous improvement.

Our Skills

A well-run outsourced contact center can be a source of innovation and best practices while providing significant cost savings. Implementing proven customer service methods isn’t the final solution to providing quality customer service for your business. The thing about customer service is that you have to continuously keep it fresh.

Virtual Assistant starting at just $6/hour*.

Deligate us your business need and focus on things that are more important.

What we do

Decorence is a global provider of end to end transformation of services. We provide services of various business needs, viz: Back Office, Administrative Services, Keyword Research, Social Media Management, Marketing Database Creation, Content Distribution & Monitoring, Data Entry, Data Research, Search Engine Optimization, Web Development & many more solutions related to your business need. Our services include a variety of categories from top IT level support.

Decorence has a fully integrated offering to support digital transformation of organizations through Smart Processes. The core operation of Decorence is to built around “Automations and Business Intelligence”. We leverage data to build intelligence and patterns, thereby facilitating smarter and quicker decision making. Decorence have a team of dedicated employees mastered in various services which will fulfill your simple needs.