Finance & Accounting

With the CFO now taking on a more strategic role in driving vision and growth, the responsibilities of the CFO’s office are also expanding within the enterprise. The CFO’s team is expected to not only control costs and manage risks but also drive business strategy and revenue growth. The CFO’s office also has to contend with complex legacy systems, data silos, internal controls and risks, and technologies such as social media, analytics and cloud (SMAC). This broader mandate implies that finance and accounting operations need to also align to the CFO agenda and support strategy and growth plans of the enterprise.

Our Finance & Accounting (F&A) function is equipped to meet the new challenges of the CFO’s expanded role. We co-create and co-innovate with the CFO. This entails partnering with the CFO’s office to digitize the finance function, streamlining and simplifying processes, and establishing benchmarks for better governance and compliance with regulations.