Mass Mailing/Sms Implementations

Bulk Mailing Services:

Our bulk e-mailing services allow you to reach unlimited prospects and manage current client bases with just a click. Decorence will provide you practically entire suite of application at all possible levels of your need. We provide you with SMTP/POP3 (unlimited accounts) packages. We will integrate your website with full functional e-mail campaign manager. It tracks your email ID list, manages opt outs and does extensive reporting for you e.g. open ratio, re-sending to unopened email ID same campaign, your total views etc.

Basically once
you have activated your website with bulk mailing services, it does rest of the tasks for you including but not limited to sending your auto responders, notices and periodic campaign.

SMS Relay Services

There is absolutely no other instant communication method than a direct SMS to your client’s smart devices. Decorence will set you to be able to capture your target audience’s phone numbers automatically either via a dedicated hand held device or by your website. Once you have captured an opt-in phone number rest is easy. At your will you can now reach your audience any time of the day with sort messages. SMS services allows you an instant access to your client base like never before.

We set you with one click options to send these SMS messages to select group of opt-in members. You control who and how much you want to use the services. The best part yet you pay as you go. Every campaign produces an measurable response which you map.